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18th Century Restoration including the Federal Period and the Adams Style.
The classically based elegance and simplicity of the period can be seen in these restored window sash.


The 18th century, and the styles associated with its latter half and still built in the early decades of the 19th century, produced some of the most elegant, harmonious and cohesive architecture ever produced in the United States. As carpenters and general contractors specializing in restoration, we have found it impossible to address the needs of this period in isolation, trade by trade, while restricting our own responsibility to carpentry and millwork. The era utilized original period craftsmanship in glass, masonry, metals, tile and finishes so specific to itself the we have, over time, had to acquire expertise in all these fields so as to be able to produce sound, comprehensive restoration solutions for the clients and the historic buildings that we serve.

Historic Structures is pleased to work with clients conserving, restoring or reproducing period styles from the eighteenth century and from the so called Federal Period or those modeled after the architect Robert Adam in the so called Adam style. Our experience and knowledge of this period can help to assure an efficient and satisfactory result for your project as it has for so many others. We are glad to hear about your significant historic restoration or reproduction project:

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