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Architectural Conservation of Historic Structures.
Stephen Ortado fitting a rafter at the Lincoln Cottage.


As the hidden costs of demolishing and disposing of sound historic buildings become more apparent (and more accurately billed direct to the project) and as tax credits become available for LEED certification, the ROI for well managed historic preservation becomes ever greater. Historically, historic buildings deliver a far lower life cycle cost than new buildings, which repeatedly show themselves to be full of costly "surprises" caused by the failure of unproven materials and design features. Often, such buildings are hardly raised before the litigation begins.

The recent trend to "green" standards of construction and LEED certification is laudable and welcome. However, green building is nothing new to preservationists, who have always understood that the greenest building is the one that is already standing. Historic preservation is a most efficient means of reducing the energy costs associated with new building construction and renovation. Before you begin your project, ask:   is it ethical, is it economical, is it necessary to rip out this beautiful, durable historic fabric and replace it with inferior work?

The bottom line is that green historic preservation pays in several ways: by reducing construction costs, by providing eligibility for government tax credits and by producing a structure with superior durability. For thirty years, Stephen Ortado and Historic Structures has been consulting with owners and architects on how to save money by preserving their historic building. In brief, we advise, "Consult us early before momentum builds for an inferior solution."

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