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"Historic Preservation Contractor"

Architectural Conservation of Historic Structures.
Stephen Ortado fitting a rafter at the Lincoln Cottage.


We have seen it too often to be surprised anymore:   budgets and schedules dislocated by poor historic preservation design. The usual scenario is that we receive an invitation to bid on plans which can't be done for the amount budgeted or which won't produce the result intended. The ensuing disruption hurts both the project and the reputations of those involved. We suggest that we be consulted early in the design process, before momentum builds for an ineffective solution.

For thirty years, Stephen Ortado has been consulting with owners and architects on efficient historic preservation design. As consultants who are also contractors, it is always a delicate matter when to charge for advice. We are, of course, always willing to share our extensive field knowledge with both owners and architects on an informal basis. Beyond that, we are in a similar situation to that of an architectural blacksmith of our acquaintance who keeps the following pricing structure posted prominently by his busy work area:

  1. Answers, $1.00
  2. Correct Answers, $10.00
  3. Dumb Looks Are Still Free
We have no problem with his pricing for Correct Answers and Dumb Looks, but we object to paying even a dollar for Answers that may or may not be correct. We ourselves never charge for such Answers, but price them just the same as Dumb Looks. For Correct Answers, however, we must charge for our time. To minimize project disruptions, we suggest that you put us on your design team early, as paid historic preservation consultants.

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