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Structural Restoration and Repair of Timber Frames.
Stephen Ortado reshapes and stabilizes the timber framed structure of the 1820 Peirce Mill.


Stephen Ortado, principal of Historic Structures, trained as an engineer and finds frequent application for those skills in the restoration of the structural timber frames typical of buildings built in the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries. These structural elements, concealed or not, are themselves historic fabric and as such, they require a repair design which will preserve as much of the original work as is feasible. With the range of repair options available, from identical replacement to epoxy restoration of the existing members to reinforcement with remedial elements, it is most efficient to have an experienced artisan/engineer manage the work, to most skillfully balance the goals of the client with the needs of the building.

Historic Structures is pleased to work with clients conserving, restoring or reproducing structural timber frames from the early eighteenth century to the early twentieth. We do not furnish any engineering services. All our structural restoration work is done in accordance with drawings and specifications produced and stamped by a registered structural engineer. Our experience and commitment can help to assure an efficient and satisfactory result for your project as it has for so many others. We are glad to hear about your significant historic restoration or reproduction project:

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