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Window Restoration, Stained and Leaded Glass Restoration.
In silhouette, Steven Ortado of Historic Structures prepares a window opening for reinstallation of a restored window on one of the best known residences in the world, the White House.


Fenestration is one of the most vulnerable and high maintenance elements of a historic structure. Windows are vulnerable not just to the elements but to changes in styles and standards and technology for interior climate. To address this need, Historic Structures has developed intensive glass and metal skills as well as wood restoration.

As an example of how our particular range of skills can serve a glass restoration or reproduction project, our work on the restoration of the stained glass transom over the entrance of the 1804 Bowie-Sevier House, in Georgetown. The original work had been almost completely demolished, leaving only a few fragments at the perimeter of the rough opening. Working from these fragments and from old photographs we recreated the original work as faithfully as possible. Using the surviving fragments of the custom cast lead cames in our possession, we were able to produce accurate molds for the floret decoration cast into the work. For further guidance in this recreation, we were guided by studying existing work in the same locality, period and style.

Historic Structures is pleased to work with clients conserving, restoring or reproducing period styles from the early eighteenth century to the early twentieth. We believe that the most efficient designs for satisfactory historic preservation are a combination of the intent of our client and that of the original builder. We are prepared to produce sound, reliable work from old photographs, client drawings and even from salvaged historic fragments. Our experience and commitment can help to assure an efficient and satisfactory result for your project as it has for so many others. We are glad to hear about your significant historic window restoration project, including projects incorporating the authentic use of period glass or historic stained glass:

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